Battery Test Centre


26.04.2022 – soar

The upper floor

The offices for the staff have already been built out so that work on the upper floor can continue. In the images 1 – 3, the structures of the office rooms can be clearly seen. Here, the future employees of our Battery Test Centre LABCO BTC will become members of our teams in a comfortable working atmosphere. By the way: We are still looking for employees for LABCO and LABCO BTC. Interested parties are welcome to visit our homepage to find out about our advertised vacancies. We also welcome unsolicited applications.

While the images 4 – 5 show the (almost) finished roof installations of the upper floor, there is just as much going on “in the background”: All building services are already being installed. This means that the sanitary facilities, the ventilation and the electrical systems are being installed.

For an overall view of our new building, however, we would like to accompany you up the stairs in a short video. Enjoy the view!

14.04.2022 – keeping track of everything

Easter’s coming

Our latest images show that now not only our room for our future vibration test systems is completely shining in LABCO colours, but also that the first steps for finished entrances are created. After all, we want to open our doors for you in the fall of 2022. With this construction progress of our future Battery Test Centre LABCO BTC, we are happy to go into the Easter holidays.

We wish you a happy Easter and of course spring-like weather!

25.03.2022 – we show our true blue colors

First coat of (LABCO-blue) paint

Cooperate Design plays an important role for us. In this context, logo and colour communication is essential for our Cooperate Identity, so it can project who we are, both internally and externally.

In the images you can follow the development of our room for the future vibration test systems. The smoothly concreted and well-prepared room has now received its first coat of paint in LABCO blue – we will of course publish the final result.

11.03.2022 – The laboratory from the inside

first impressions

The progress since 23.02.2022 is remarkable: The ceiling has been poured and smoothed, the walls have been put up and are now being plastered.

Today we took the first pictures of the interior. Image 6 shows the laboratory rooms. On the right side will be our climatic test system, on the left our battery test systems. On Image 7 and 8 you can see the pits of our future vibration test systems. The rails for the vibration temperature test chamber are also already attached to the ceiling and walls.

We are impressed by the dimensions of the rooms and it is getting easier to get an idea of the laboratories of our future Battery Test Centre.

22.02.2022 – Storm front and flooding

Ylenia, Zeynep & Antonia

Our construction site before and after the storm: images 1 – 2 were taken on 10.02.2022, images 3 – 4 on 18.02.2022 and image 5 today. We are glad that we have largely managed the storm front last week without any great damage, which is not a matter of course.

Thanks to the employees of our construction site partners, everything was quickly put back in order and the construction work of our Battery Test Centre LABCO BTC could continue.

This is not a creek…

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