Battery Test Centre


04.02.2022- ‘The time to repair built the roof is when the sun is shining.’

(John F. Kennedy)

The construction work on the roof scaffolding of our soon-to-be-standing building has begun.

In addition, the first structures of special building constructions for our future device park can already be seen, such as the pit for our electrodynamic shakers (picture 2 and 3).

January 2022 – IT’S GOING FORWARD


Since the start of the ground works, you can observe almost daily how the building complex on our site is taking more and more shape…

September 2021 – ground workS

It happened so quickly

At the beginning of last week, there was still green field and already on Friday, the company Erich Thiess & Sohn GmbH took the first visible steps towards the LABCO BTC building with excavation work for us.

We are looking forward to the next steps.

10.09.2021 – Groundbreaking

The first step IS MADE

Yesterday we were visited by the Nordsee-Zeitung, the WESER-KURIER, representatives of the municipality of Loxstedt and representatives of the Agency for Economic Development Cuxhaven to celebrate the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony of our sister company LABCO BTC.

06.09.2021 – Drone flight over the area

A last look across the “old” LABCO ground:

Soon, the construction work of our sister company LABCO BTC will begin on our adjacent ground.

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