Battery Test Centre



02.09.2022 – safety first…

and communication is key!

Battery testing is a complex process that requires the highest safety measures. Entire testing systems are connected in such a way that the probability of an uncontrolled incident occurring, such as a fire starting during the testing process, is extremely low. This is of course also the way it is with LABCO BTC. Conditioners/temperature controllers (Image 1) are a fundamental part of battery testing, such as battery tests (Image 2, battery tester) under climatic or thermal conditions. However, they also provide a certain degree of safety: through constant communication with the other test systems, they also ensure that the testing process is protected against possible sources of danger due to overheating.

Our two walk-in temperature and climate chambers (each chamber offers a test space of 11.5 m³) are now complete (Image 3) and will be made ready for future commissioning in the near future.

Last but not least, a picture from our staff information event today (Image 4). ALL LABCO employees are regularly informed about current topics, including LABCO BTC, and what the next steps are. Questions are answered and guided tours are also given as to what the progress looks like at the moment. Transparency and personal exchange within the company are very important to us, which is why it is a matter of course for us to continue this type of communication for our employees.

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