Battery Test Centre




The effects of vibrations should never be downplayed: Even minor damage to batteries or their peripheral components can lead to serious consequences if ignored. Taking note of the vibration behaviour of your batteries at an early stage will provide insightful information on safety and durability in future applications.

To ensure this, we are pleased to advise and support you from the first contact to the completion of your vibration tests. Should challenges arise, we will find a solution together with you.

Our electrodynamic vibration test equipment (two shakers) can test your batteries with a size up to 2.3 m x 2.3 m under a wide range of thermal environmental profiles.

Below you will find the most important parameters of our shakers.

Nominal force Sine / Random / Shock300 kN / 270 kN / 900 kN
Frequency range5 Hz to 2000 Hz
Max. displacement Sine / Random / Shock63,5 mm / 63,5 mm / 76,2 mm
Max. acceleration70 g / 70 g / 250 g
Dimensions slip table2,1 m x 2,1 m
Dimensions head expander2,1 m x 1,9 m
Max. payload2500 kg
Test space (W x D x H)2500 mm x 3115 mm x 1500 mm
Temperature range-45 °C to +150 °C

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