Battery Test Centre



26.04.2022 – soar

The upper floor

The offices for the staff have already been built out so that work on the upper floor can continue. In the images 1 – 3, the structures of the office rooms can be clearly seen. Here, the future employees of our Battery Test Centre LABCO BTC will become members of our teams in a comfortable working atmosphere. By the way: We are still looking for employees for LABCO and LABCO BTC. Interested parties are welcome to visit our homepage to find out about our advertised vacancies. We also welcome unsolicited applications.

While the images 4 – 5 show the (almost) finished roof installations of the upper floor, there is just as much going on “in the background”: All building services are already being installed. This means that the sanitary facilities, the ventilation and the electrical systems are being installed.

For an overall view of our new building, however, we would like to accompany you up the stairs in a short video. Enjoy the view!

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